This year we decided to conclude with an interview with Marco Favre, one of the founding partners of the recruitment agency PayPerTalent, who was kind enough to share with us his experience as a digital profiles headhunter within the evolution of the 2.0 industry.


Morethanjustada: Good morning Marco, thank you so much for dedicating a little of your time to us today.

Marco Favre: Good morning. The pleasure's mine!


Morethanjustada: I wanted to start by asking you to tell us a little about what you do in PayPerTalent.

Marco Favre: Of course. PayPerTalent is a headhunting agency based in Madrid, specialized in the selection of digital profiles. We are experts in looking for digital marketing profiles nationally and internationally (we now cover a dozen European countries) and place them in Spanish companies.


Morethanjustada: What kind of profiles do you cater for exactly? Is there any branch of digital marketing in which you stand out?

Marco Favre: PayPerTalent was born from a team of Search Marketing professionals (SEM and SEO). Over the years we have been diversifying and now we include in our team of recruiters Web Analytics, Social Media and lately also RTB and programmatic buying experts.


Morethanjustada: Is it different to recruit digital marketing profiles than other types of profiles?

Marco Favre: The digital world is becoming increasingly complex, requiring talent with increasingly specific knowledge. Generalist recruiters often lack the technical knowledge necessary to identify specialists from very specific disciplines such as SEM, SEO, Social Media, etc. The risk for a non-specialised recruiter is to end up referring generalist profiles, when your client is really looking for something very specific.


Morethanjustada: What differentiates you from other specialized Digital recruiters?

Marco Favre: 2 fundamental points. The first is our talent assessment methodology: we have created a system of tests and case studies from different disciplines of digital marketing so that our candidates can demonstrate their knowledge beyond their CV. The second is our multilingual team, which allows us to speak with international talent present in different European countries. Our reach allows us to respond to the demand of the national market for native speaking profiles of French, English, Italian, German, Swedish, etc.


Morethanjustada: What is the biggest challenge for a recruiting agency today?

Marco Favre: Many times clients ask us to look for a specific profile, but after talking with them and listening to their business goals we realize that the profile they really need is a different one. A good recruiter does not limit himself to looking for specific profiles, he also worries about guiding the global recruitment strategy of his clients in the right direction.


Morethanjustada: What would you say are the most looked after digital marketing profiles today?

Marco Favre: We are seeing that companies are looking for more and more experts in data analysis. Both for SEM, as for Social Media or CRM, companies are very committed to finding talent that understands Big Data and Data Analytics. That's because internet users are getting segmented deeper and deeper through increasingly high volumes of data, and a good Digital expert has to know where to find this data and how to interpret it.


Morethanjustada: Do you think that digital marketing jobs are threatened by automation through robots and artificial intelligences?

Marco Favre: Good question! I think that artificial intelligences are getting better in terms of the automotization of very specific processes such as SEM campaigns (in fact, the Google Adwords platform is becoming increasingly automated), the SEO optimization of a page, etc. But as for the creation of the global digital strategy of a brand, we are far from seeing machines that are able to replicate the intuition of a Digital Manager. Another problem is the human factor: Who wants to follow a facebook page or a blog whose contents are created by a machine?


Morethanjustada: And recruiters? Could you automate your work through artificial intelligence?

Marco Favre: Again, I think that people will continue to want to talk to people, and not machines. If instead of a recruiter in flesh and blood approaching you over LinkedIn with a job offer, suddenly a bot approaches you, I doubt that you would pay much attention as soon as you find out that you’re actually talking to a machine ...


Morethanjustada: If you could have a coffee with the CEO of one of the GAFAs, who would it be?

Marco Favre: (thinks for a while) Probably Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, because they are the ones who have been leading two of the most important companies in the world since their inception. Mark Zuckerberg was a kid in his twenties when he received stratospheric offers to buy the social network he created, you have to be very determined to resist such pressure!


Morethanjustada: Thank you very much Marco, a pleasure to talk to you today.

Marco Favre: Thank you, and thanks to your team!