Retargeting seems to be acquiring more and more importance lately within the digital marketing landscape. So much so that we now see companies such as AdRoll focusing almost exclusively on retargeting as their core business. The reason for that is pretty straightforward: impacting users who have already visited your website is a lot more cost effective than acquiring new traffic. Hence companies' growing interest in retargeting, who also see it as a great way for cross-selling their products and services to the right audience.


There are a number of ways to retarget your website’s users. The most popular and effective way to reach audiences that have already visited your website is probably through Google Analytics remarketing lists. GA lets you define a segmented audience based on all the metrics and dimensions available in the platform. This means you can for example decide to only reach audiences of a certain age, from a certain city and who visited a certain set of pages. That’s more than enough for a lot of businesses who don’t necessarily require too much profiling to attract potential customers. But what if, for example, you’re selling mortgages and only wish to retarget people within a certain salary range? GA doesn’t offer that level of detail within the dimensions that are currently available in the platform.

Luckily, there’s a way to pass data that you gather from your website’s forms on to retargeting lists, which means your segmentation possibilities are virtually unlimited provided you are able to set up Google Tag Manager so as to measure the data people input in your form fields. Here is a brief tutorial on how to achieve this.


Recording field values through GTM


1. Set up a Custom Variable for your Salary input form field

The javascript should contain: 

function () 

{ return document.getElementById("inputSalary").value;



2. Set up a trigger for the inputSalary form field ID


3. Set up a trigger for Salaries values that are greater than 0


4. Set up a tag that triggers the inputSalary ID and the Salary values that are greater than 0


Now your Google Analytics account should be recording the Salary field value that your users input in your contact or checkout form. Time to set up a retargeting list that installs cookies in the browsers of those users who fall within a certain salary range! Here’s an example of a Google Analytics audience list that would only include salaries above 5000€:


Creating input value audiences can be particularly useful if your website presents users with a long contact form/checkout process, as a lot of the users who start filling out the form typically leave your website before reaching your thank you page. In this way, you can make sure that you're able to retarget that chunk of users who didn't complete the puchase process and that fit your buyer's persona profile, which will save you a significant amount of money that would otherwise be wasted retargeting the wrong type of users.